How do we choose the CBD products that we sell?

By July 19, 2019 October 14th, 2019 CBD Education, CBD Products

With the CBD market exploding, it’s difficult to know if you’re getting a quality product. That’s why it’s imperative to learn about the CBD products being sold out there, so you can make an informed purchase and not get duped! Many CBD products don’t have the amount of CBD in them that they claim to, or worse yet, don’t contain any CBD at all.

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Please don’t fret though because we’ve done the hard part for you! We’ve searched the marketplace, researched and researched (and then researched some more), and have curated CBD products that we feel are the best. Products that are full-spectrum (or isolate in specific circumstances), that have been grown using organic growing methods, and that show their test results. These test results prove the CBD milligrams are accurately stated and that the products haven’t been contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides.

For example, here are products we feature on our website and why:

Our Own Transdermal Patches:

We have these transdermal patches specially made for us. You won’t find them anywhere else! Our customer feedback has been extremely positive in terms of their ability to relieve pain and enhance sports performance. Plus, the ease of use is great because you simply stick one on, go about your day as usual, and they’re effective 24/7 for 2-3 days (even through showers, workouts, and sweating!).

Lazarus Naturals:

They were a top pick for us because they have the highest potency for the least amount of money. That’s a winner in our book because we know CBD can be pricey! However, full disclosure: if you or anyone you know, happens to be a veteran or a low-income customer, please don’t order from us. Instead, go directly to the Lazarus Naturals website, because with proof, they’ll offer 40% off to you. Otherwise, order from us because we sell our products for a little less than Lazarus does on their website.

Joy Organics:

Besides having amazing products and being a great company, we chose them because they go the extra mile to remove 100% of the THC from their products (while still remaining full-spectrum and using the whole hemp plant). This is important for Medicaid recipients, athletes, veterans, and office workers who can’t take even the slightest chance that THC will show up if they get drug tested.


We chose this company because they offer ‘water soluble’ products. Water soluble tinctures are very hot in the marketplace right now, and they’re unique because the CBD is absorbed quickly and is fast acting! Since they’re water soluble, they get into your bloodstream right away. Plus, these tinctures can be used under the tongue (like a normal CBD tincture) OR mixed into any drink, used in cold cooking, or even put in a vaporizer. The ability to mix into food or drink is especially great if you don’t like the taste of normal CBD tinctures! Also ideal for kids.

Other CBD/Hemp Products:

From CBD Facial Serum to CBD Soap to CBD-Infused Coffee, Tea, and Honey, we have a well-rounded selection of high quality and fun products for you to choose from!

High Resin Remedies ProductsCDP-SoapsBeeKeeper's Naturals Products

Please let us know what you think about any of your CBD purchases from us! And, if you happen to purchase CBD from another company that you love, please let us know. We may be able to offer it on our website for less than you’re currently paying! If you have any questions about the products we sell or CBD in general, definitely reach out to us at Orders@YouAndMeAndCBD.com. We love educating and helping our customers.


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