Meet Betty and Emily Friend

Hi, I’m Betty Friend. I’d like to tell you why I believe so strongly in CBD. A few years ago, my husband, Michael, and I went to Colorado for a week-long cannabis seminar. We listened to guest speakers, visited grow facilities and dispensaries, and sampled products. When we returned home, we continued to attend cannabis seminars all over Florida. It made us realize why they call cannabis ‘The Sacred Plant.’ Because it helps so many people in so many ways.

Believe it or not, cannabis was used for decades by the pharmaceutical industry until it got banned in the 1930s. Since it’s coming back strong now, I wanted to find a way to educate people on CBD and how it helps with a long list of health issues. I thought long and hard about how to do this because education is so important. Everyone is selling CBD now, and unfortunately, there are many dishonest people peddling inferior products.

I came up with the idea to educate people by holding YouAndMeAndCBD House Parties. Then I researched and researched, and found what I believe are some of the best CBD products. Whether you buy the products we recommend, or find your own, it’s important to know what to look for in high-quality CBD products.

My daughter, Emily, has her own story of why CBD is beneficial for her. Because of this, she wanted to help me educate as many people as possible. Please invite us over for a You+Me+CBD House Party! We make learning about CBD simple, easy and fun.

Hi, I’m Emily Friend. Attending a rural high school in the Northwest corner of Connecticut got me acquainted with the cannabis culture. However, marijuana was never my cup of tea. And I certainly never paid attention to hemp! Like a lot of people, I believed marijuana was for stoners and could get you arrested, and hemp was for making hippie necklaces and clothing.

After my parents attended a cannabis retreat in Colorado, I really got interested in cannabis and CBD, in particular, because health and wellness is a passion of mine. Since then, my mother and I have put in countless hours of research to determine the most important attributes of CBD, and we’ve worked hard to find companies that offer the best CBD products on the market.

Personally, CBD helps me with the muscle pain/tightness I experience on a daily basis from having scoliosis. And my boyfriend, circle of friends, and family members take CBD on a regular basis! Even our dog, Pippi, takes CBD to help her anxiety during thunderstorms.

Our aim is to cut through the misinformation about CBD with simple, straight facts. We deliver this information during informal and fun YouAndMeAndCBD House Parties with you and your friends. Half of the party is educational and half is product explanation and selection. At the heart of it all is our genuine desire to help everyone maintain health, wellness, and happiness.