Kalki Water-Soluble CBD Tinctures


Kalki Water-Soluble THC-FREE CBD tinctures are superior products for their potency, versatility, and rapid absorption. These tinctures mix easily with water, creating microscopically-small CBD particles that the body can utilize rapidly and efficiently. This provides the highest sublingual bioavailability of any tincture. Because they’re water-soluble, they can be used under the tongue, mixed into any drink, used in cold cooking, or in a vaporizer.

Fast acting and THC-FREE for anyone who can’t take the chance that THC will show up if they get drug tested. Nano-encapsulated CBD is bonded with vegetable glycerin and Isoterp, creating a sweet, sugar-free, rapidly bioavailable, THC-FREE CBD product.



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Kalki THC-FREE Water Soluble Tincture: 1,000 mg / 1 oz, Kalki THC-FREE Water Soluble Tincture: 500 mg / 1 oz, Kalki THC-FREE Water-Soluble Tincture: 300 mg / 1 oz


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